SALSA KIDZ (ages 5-12)

Fall Semester Registration OPEN
Season begins August 10, 2024 1:30p

Our signature program: Miss G’s Salsa Kidz

Miss G’s Salsa Kidz is our signature program created by Giana Montoya in 2019, and is going into our 9th Season! Our program is designed to introduce future Superstars aged 5 to 12 to the exhilarating world of Latin dance, igniting their passion for movement, music, and culture.

At Salsa Kidz, we believe in the power of performance to inspire and motivate. That’s why each 4-month session culminates in a spectacular showcase recital, where our budding dancers take center stage to demonstrate their newfound talents. It’s a moment of pride for them and a joyous celebration for families and friends.

The benefits of Salsa Kidz extend far beyond the dance floor. Research has shown that learning Latin dance at a young age offers numerous developmental advantages. From improved physical fitness and coordination to enhanced creativity and self-expression, children who participate in our program gain valuable life skills that serve them well both on and off the dance floor.


“Giana is a blessing to our family. My daughters have been taking her classes for years and it is the highlight of our weekend! Watching my my young girls grow and learn to love and move their bodies with expression has been amazing. Every Saturday feels like coming home to family, the girls are also learning teamwork, choreography and responsibility. This is a class I recommend for anyone with children, boys and girls, inclusion here is perfection!”
Kristy G.

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Whether your child is taking their first steps in dance or looking to expand their repertoire, Salsa Kidz provides a supportive and nurturing environment where every child can thrive.